Friday, April 5, 2013

Mind puzzles, Crossfit, Baby blessing and a Thneed

AKA: Our week in Oklahoma

Christopher and I spent a grand total of 24 hours in Utah (from Hawaii) before we got back on a plane to Oklahoma for my new niece's baby blessing. It was such a blast! In fact, I really was not ready to go back to Utah when the week was up.

I got to hang out with [almost] all of my siblings, see my Dad, see all my adorable nieces and nephews, and stay up into all hours of the night laughing and talking with my family.

Take a look at our fun trip:

 We went to a really cool science museum where my brother challenged Chris to complete a tricky mind puzzle. He even went as far as to bet him $20 that he couldn't do it. Guess what...he did! I on the other hand completed a grand total of 0 of the mind puzzles. I chalk that up to pregnancy brain. Also, they were really hard.
Playing in the gymnastics area
We went to a super fun park after lunch one day and the kids had a blast running around and playing on everything!

Then one night after a TON of pizza, the whole family piled into the local Crossfit gym that my brother frequents and he lead us all in a Crossfit workout. I was pretty impressed with myself for finishing it, being all pregnant and out of shape and whatnot. But everyone really did a great job! And we all felt it in the morning.

Then came Easter Sunday and we all made it to church (early!) for Gracie's blessing. It was very sweet and I am so glad I got to be there for at least one of my niece/nephew's blessings. When we got home the kids dove into their Easter baskets:

Gracie was tuckered out after her blessing.

 Even Maddie got an Easter basket!

And so did baby girl! We opened it for her.

Joshua playing with his new toys

Michael, Maddie, Me, and Jessica. 4/5 siblings

Cute dad and his cute bow tie

Juliette and Alyna with their Easter baskets

Maddie being adorable

The egg hunt in full swing

And then at some point Joshua fell asleep, in a heap, on the kitchen floor

Towards the end of the week, most of the family started trickling back home and there were just a few of us left. We played a few rousing games of Pick (or speed scrabble) and Pictionary Man.
Chris was being so cute with Gracie! 

I can't wait until we have our little girl

He's gonna be such a good dad

And then Michael bought a thneed*.

It was such a great week and amazingly the constant noise of between 5 and 9 children in the house didn't scare me from having kids. Heck, it' didn't even scare me from having a big family. I love my family and I cherish the time we get to spend together. I hope that eventually we'll all live closer to each other and these times together won't be so few and far between.

*For anyone who is wondering what a thneed is, it's an odd stretchy piece of fabric that can fulfill a variety of uses such as doo rag, neckercheif, mouth cover, etc. Thus Michael deemed it a thneed and attempted to wear it to dinner.

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  1. It was such a fun time, I'm glad you documented it on your blog!